Q. I want to lose 2KG per week. What should I do?
Ans: This is completely unrealistic. There is no Natural way to loose 2KG per week. Losing 3kg per month should be the ideal target in which you can lose in pure natural way without harming internal body.

Q. If I follow very strict diet plan, can I loose 7kg per month? Is this ok?
Ans: This is not OK at all. Normally a healthy person needs around 2000 to 2500 calories every day. Part of this energy is used by our organs to work smoothly. Now if you follow that kind of diet plan in which you reduce intake of these calories considerably, sometimes our organs won’t get minimum energy required to work efficiently. This will reduce their capacity and the organs won’t work properly. Soon you will feel weakness and later it can lead to some serious problems in these organs. The ideal weight loss target must be 3KG per month as suggested.

Q. I just ate once every day but after one month I gained weight. Why?
Ans: There is a big myth that to lose weight one has to eat less. This is totally wrong. Our body has a digestive system which burns the food we eat and converts it to energy. Now if you eat less, our body slows down metabolic rate. And it starts storing energy in the form of fats. That’s why you gained weight. To lose weight, our digestive system must have nice metabolic rate.

Q. I joined Gym to lose weight only from butt and thighs but my face also became thin. Why?
Ans: The process of losing weight is same for all body parts. In gym, you do exercise mainly related to thighs and butts but the body loses weight equally from all parts. Imagine, you have 5 layers around butts and 4 layers around thighs and say 2 layers around face. Once you burn calories by exercises in gym, body loses say 1 layer. Then one layer from thighs, one from butts and one from face goes off. So your face became thin. There is no Spot weight loss technique.

Q. Which is the best way to lose weight naturally without harming our internal body? Gym, Diet plan or Ayurvedic medicine?
Ans: You have to understand how our body loses weight first. In gym, we burn calories considerably. If these are hard exercises, we force our body to work that way which is not natural as normally we don’t do that many exercises and even can’t do these in whole future life. So it is not natural.
Extreme diet plan is also not natural as these plans force our body to eat less which we normally don’t do in our life and can’t even do it whole future life. So it is also not natural and it will cause big damage to our internal organs.
Best way is the combination of all these three. We should do regular exercise (in gym or home) and have balanced healthy diet plan which must include all nutrients required by our body. The most important of all these three is the Ayurvedic medicine (Fat-O-Trim). It keeps our metabolic rate normal so that what we eat is digested properly and then later used properly by our body.

Q. How Fat-O-Trim is good?
Ans: Many companies make several medicines. Different companies have different ideologies. Some need to earn more and they put the quality and purity at stake. Some mix triggers as well. These triggers are very harmful and cause side effects. Fat-O-Trim is made by WHO, GMP, ISO and Halal certified company. It is 100% Ayurvedic. Those who mix triggers can’t claim that their product is 100% Ayurvedic. Fat-O-Trim has all precious herbs which nourish our digestive system and maintains proper and healthy metabolic rate of digestion. Thousands of overweight people have got benefitted by this.

Q. Why the body won’t regain the weight after I complete 4 months Weight loss course of Fat-O-Trim?
Ans: This is very simple to understand. Fat-O-Trim never forces body to do that which you can’t do later or which you never did before. It nourishes digestive system and maintains metabolic rate naturally. You eat exactly that way which you can follow throughout your future life. So as there is no change in your way of living during Fat-O-Trim weight loss course from later way of living so weight never regains.
That’s why losing weight by extreme gym exercises and extreme diet plan is never healthy and is not natural.

Q. My daughter is 11 years old and gained weight. Can she take Fat-O-Trim?
Ans: Fat-O-Trim is 100% Ayurvedic and it makes our digestive system strong so any one above the age of 5 years or more can take it.

Q. I am 68 years old and have sugar too. Is it advisable to try to lose weight now?
Ans: Excess weight is to be removed from body to stay healthy irrespective of age. At this age, you must follow natural ways to reduce weight. Fat-O-Trim is made with 100% natural herbs. So you must start this now and soon you will feel more energetic and healthy as this will make your organs stronger.

Q. Can I use this if I am pregnant?
Ans: Pregnancy is an important time for growth of the baby so it is not advisable to restrict calories.

Q. Is it true that I don’t have to follow strict diet plan with Fat-O-Trim and I still lose weight?
Ans: We never give any diet chart with Fat-O-Trim as it is not needed at all. You have to understand some basic advises only like: Don’t skip dinner to lose weight but try to have dinner latest by 8pm.

Q. If I wear heavy clothes during gym exercises, will I lose more weight as I will surely sweat more?
Ans: Sweating has nothing to do with Weight Loss. Sweat just cools our body. Again you will force your body to act differently by creating unnatural conditions to sweat more which will result in damage to your internal skin.

Q. I skip breakfast to lose weight. Is this Ok?
Ans: Our digestive system is such that it takes 6-8 hrs to digest food. For example if you eat at 8pm, our body digests it till around 2am. Now if you take breakfast at around 8am, body again starts working in digesting that breakfast. If you skip breakfast, your digestive system will be dormant for another say 6-7 hrs till you take Lunch. This forces body to reduce metabolic rate. Also the body thinks that its starving so it slows metabolism down as a survival instinct. The final result is that your body burns less calories naturally, making it very hard to lose weight.

Q. Is High Protein diet good for weight loss?
Ans: NO. If you take too much protein, it can cause serious side effects. High Protein diet generates acidic environment which stimulates cells called Osteoclasts which in turn consume bone minerals. Calcium is taken from the bones which can lead to bone disorders such as Osteoporosis. High protein diet is indirectly meant as low carbohydrate diet. The acidic content of animal flesh and lack of alkaline foods increases risk of forming kidney stones. High protein diet can trigger food allergies. High protein diets tend to be high in saturated fat and cholesterol which increases risk of heart diseases, stroke and some cancers as well. High protein diets (low carb diets) may show some weight loss to you but most of this is water loss which is never permanent and will regain soon.

Q. Can your support team make a good food suggestion chart for me which I follow during Fat-O-Trim 4 months weight loss course?
Ans: Of course. Our experts will make good food habits kind of suggestion chart for you which you can follow whole life and which will keep you healthy always. We never suggest strict diet charts which have ill effects after we finish weight loss course. We firmly believe that a good food habit is the key to weight loss.

Q. I it true that I can eat Parathas and still lose weight with Fat-O-Trim?
Ans: True. Normally a healthy person needs around 2000 to 2500 calories a day. If you eat paratha, two things you have to see. One is that a paratha has around 500 to 600 calories. So later in that day, you must eat some fruits in place of some chapati to balance that calorie intake so finally it doesn’t cross 2500 limit. Fruits also balance our digestion. Second thing which is more important is that your digestive system and metabolic rate should be right. This means even if you ate paratha but still your digestive system must be perfect enough to digest it fully so there is no fat part left undigested. Fat-O-Trim makes your digestive system stronger so that even if some unhealthy is consumed, it still digests it fully so no weight gains due to that.

Q. What is the Mantra of losing weight naturally and being fit?
Ans: Mantra is to follow natural way always. We should not force our body to do that which we never did before or which we can’t follow through whole future life. That can cause severe damage to our internal body and can lead to serious diseases as well. Practice to consume 2000 to 2500 calories a day. Eat healthy. Add fruits in your diet. No hard gym, no strict diet charts. Have patience and always remember that if you didn’t add weight in 1 month, you can’t reduce it in 1 month for sure.